Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna Krishna Krishna Radhe राधे राधे


Dear Lord Radha Shyamasundar Your Darshan is Magically Charming for it beholds all Mysticism…


Yamuna Devi is always there enhancing the mood and sweetness of the pastimes of Nandanandan. Krishna would take His cows for grazing the sweet juicy grasses that grew along the banks of the Yamuna. Yamuna would supply water to Krishna’s calves and cows. Yamuna’s water was sweeter than the sweetest of all nectar.Within these waters of Yamuna, He would have swimming and splashing and all different kinds of sportive games with the Gopas in Sakhya Rasa, Shri Yamuna Devi also served as the playground for Nauka Vihar.same enraging yamuna gave way to Vasudev ,Who carried baby Krishna to Nandgaon,Same Yamuna along whose shore lies Kadamba tree Wherefrom NatavarKishor jumped into waters of Yamuna to punish Kaliya Serpent..
That very Scent of Yamunaji flourishing the Memories in attire colouration of Dear Lordship Today..


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